Thursday, July 13, 2017

Pure Texture Gold

Hello again !
Recently we celebrated the summer solstice! To celebrate, I picked some flowers and herbs from my garden and made a sweet summer bouquet. Pictured is Sage, Rosemary, Mint, Roses, Black Magic Petunias, Marigolds and Lavender. 
Where is the smell-o-vision when we need it?
Anyway, from there I also set up some pretty things, wrote down some wishes and burned them and completed a tarot spread. 
After a long day at work, I found it was the perfect ending to the day. 
The celebration helped inspire this art journal spread that I have completed today. I rarely use a lot of orange and yellow in my work but wanted to challenge myself to step outside of my box of blues and purples. 
When I was developing my Dear Heart Oracle Deck I ordered "testers" from a few different companies. This particular deck was a dud, so I had it just lying around -- I pulled "Passion" from the stack and used it as my launch point.
I started by layering Artistcellar Quasicrystals stencils with Wonderstrumpet "Crystal Points". To get an awesome glimmer and texture, I used Golden Glass Bead Gel on a palette knife through the stencils. 
Once dry, I spritzed Adirondack Color Wash spray in "Butterscotch" along with Dylusions "Lemon Zest" and Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists in "Cross My Heart", "Marmalde" and "It's Orange"... Whoa! THE TEXTURE! To finish it up, I grabbed a tag that had been tossed in a drawer in my studio and used hot glue to attach the oracle card and finally attach the tag to the page.
That's it! Super easy, colorful and pure texture gold. 
Happy Summer, everyone! See you soon, but in the meantime you can find me on Patreon!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mixed Tape II

Do you love art?
What about music?
How about both? 
In case you missed it - I'm teaching in Mixed Tape II!
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Monday, July 10, 2017

Feels Like Spring - Mixed Media on Canvas

Hello! It's my turn to create and this week I'm working on a small 6 x 6 inch canvas. I love working small because I can make a lot of tiny detail. With this one, I worked intuitively... First using modeling paste and one of Donna's lovely stencils... then building upon that stencil with color and small details. I hope you enjoy the small timelapsed video I created - and I hope it inspires you to play as well!

I love the finished product... doesn't it make you feel like Spring?!
Until next time -- you may not know, I have designed and self-published an oracle deck! You can find it here:
Cristin Stevenson name
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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Hello all!
This week I have some new mediums to play alongside my artistcellar stencils.
To start, I grabbed an 8 x 10 piece of hot-pressed Fabriano watercolor paper. This paper is nice in that it is both 140lb and hot pressed AND it doesn't break the bank. Good watercolor paper tends to be really expensive, and while worth it - I can't always afford it!
Next, I started auditioning some Artistcellar stencils on the page. Here, I'm using Tibet Series: Buddha EyesCathedral Plans: Notre Dame and Cathedral Plans: Amiens Plan.  The Cathedral Plans series stencil is a longtime favorite of mine for backgrounds. They are so versatile and I've found use for them in many different paintings.
With a palette knife, I scraped Golden Glass Bead Gel through the stencil. Let me tell you -- this stuff is awesome! Glass beads inside the medium really shimmer and shine and it works beautifully with the stencils!
I let it dry completely, and then I started dripping strings of Golden Tar Gel throughout... the tar gel appears white, but it will dry pretty much clear and adds great texture (similar to creating lines with a hot glue gun). 
Next I used watercolorsmermaid markers and alcohol to add color and even more texture. To create the cell-like effect I simply dipped a brush in the alcohol and then stamped it on the page. Yum!
For extra accent, I used a bit of Inka Gold and some Dina Wakely acrylic paint as the finishing touches. 
This is a super texture rich page and it was such a fun way to experiment with new supplies and old favorites. 




Today I am creating a texture-filled canvas using a minimal color palette. I hope you enjoy the video I have created to show you the process.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

ART on the Go! + Traveling Art Kit

Oh hello!
So -- I am a person that likes to art anywhere AND everywhere! This means arting in the car, stuffing journals into my purse, going to parks to paint, wherever I can dream it I will go and I will art there!
Sometimes my "traveling" really just means I won't be working in my art studio and instead I will be on the porch, or the couch or the dining room table.
Except... it's hard to carry all that stuff around. Journals, paints, gessos and mediums. It's really a lot to cart around, but I found a method to it! So, I found a handy little carrier on amazon. Officially, it's called a "16-inch tool bag". It's priced roughly around $20-$25. Not too shabby! Added bonus, it's super strong because it is meant for heavy tools -- and it has TONS of pockets. It is perfect for carrying around stencils, acrylic paints, pens, pencils -- you name it. 
Here's a little video on how I've packed mine up:
Today we went to the range with some friends and it was a beautiful day outside. I opted to take my travel kit along for some car arting! This painting was started and finished away from my art studio.
Here's a little timelapse video of some of the process:
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Watercolors and Mineral Paper

Hello again!
As artists, our art tends to evolve with us. New life experiences, emotions, inspirations and yes, even art supplies can all help turn our creativity in different directions.
Right now, the direction I've been taking involves mineral paper, watercolors and Artistcellar stencils.
I was over the moon with Lisa's Artistcellar package containing the brand new stencils - Tibet Series Stencils. If you follow me through facebook or instagram I'm sure you have seen the stencils in action already... they made me swoon!
Today, I made a short little technique video to show you one watercolor/mineral paper/stencil technique that I accidentally stumbled upon and I LOVE!
I hope you enjoy the video I created for you today using The Tibetan OmBuddha EyesEternal Knot and Lotus Flower:
To showcase one of my favorite stencils from the set, I also created a couple of girls from the Lotus Flower stencil
I started with the stencil as the base, and then used a pencil to sketch the girl "growing" from the center. Next, I filled it in with watercolor and ink. 
The two girls below were both created on different paper, so you will see the dramatic change that using different paper can be. First is created on mineral paper, and the other is on a hot press watercolor paper.
And below, here are some examples of other paintings I created utilizing the technique demonstrated in the video!
With each new release, I'm always amazed at the magic Lisa creates with her stencils... and the resulting artwork to follow. I hope you will find inspiration with the new Tibet stencil series -- and perhaps you discovered a new technique to play with today as well.
See you soon!